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Glenn Hone is an Australian sax player and actor...

Glenn began performing in bands in the 1980's including: Leeroy & The Rats with Lee Hammond, Nick Croft, Ross 'Rosco Fury' Ormerod, Marc Gregory, Matt Ferguson, Michael Hawke, Greg Pooley, Steve McLennan, Allan Dews, Bruce Gain, Mark Jones, Jed Portsmouth and Mick Williams.

Genn played sax in the Newcastle band: Extreme Blues with Ngariki, Kent Jackson and Danny Davidson. With guests & replacements including: Glen 'Bang Bang' Hone, Bobby Sox, T.K., Bob Spencer, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Steve 'Duke' Earl aka 'The Earl', Peter Houlihan, Chris Lowe, Craig Rosevear, Steve Fuller and George 'Chookie' Cotsioucos.

He played sax and was a vocalist in Weld with Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Mark Tinson, Ngariki, Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay, Trevor Dare, Christine Lindsay, Pete Johns, Julie Wilson, Sue Carson, Glenn Hone, Ron Bult and Linda Joon Weatherburn.

He starred in the1998 Newcastle film festival movie The Alley Way. The Alley Way includes music composed by Bryan Daley and sung by Ian Sandercoe.

Glen took tap class at 3D Dance Studio's Newcastle with Darren Disney a member of the original Tap Dogs.

In the nineteen nineties Glenn Honne co-starred in the music video clip Preacher by Ian Sandercoe with 3D Dance Studios Darren Disney and the 3D dancers, with actors Tim Carroll, Glenn Hone and Jessica Nosworthy. The song Preacher was recorded for Dein Perry's film Bootmen in 2000.

Glenn Hone tapped in a performance at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia with 1000 tapping performers.

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